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"To prepare students to become successful lifelong learners and to provide a stimulating and interactive learning environment characterised by case-based and problem-based teaching models using the E-Learning environment Moodle"

Dr. Markus Helfert

Programme Chair: European MSc in Business Informatics

Taught Courses:
  • Supply Chain Management: Integrated Management of business networks by strategic and systematic coordination of business activities
  • Business Information Management: Improving Performance using Information Systems
  • IT Service Management: Managing the IT Function Effectively
  • Information System Architecture: Building and Modelling Information Systems

For information related to the courses/modules please refer to the course page on moodle.
(All information is subject to change and should be checked regularly).

Previous Taught Courses include:
  • Analytical Information Systems: Building the enterprise wide information basis
  • Information Systems Strategy Achieving competitive advantage by aligning IT and business
  • Information Systems Frameworks: Frameworks for Building Information Systems

General Project Areas
  • Information and Data Quality (e.g. Information Quality Assessment)
  • Information Systems and Tools for Organisations
  • Business Process Modelling
  • Project Management
  • Tools to support E-Learning
  • Social Network Analysis and Visualisation

Project ideas for Students include:
  • Membership Registration System for an Association (
  • Conference Registration system (
  • Research Content Management System
  • Research Proposal Writing Support System

If you have a project idea (also at postgraduate and PhD level) in one of the areas above, please feel free to contact me (Include a short outline of your project idea). I strongly encourage projects in cooperation with organisations!

Reading: Report Writing

M. Berndtsson, J. Hansson, B. Olsson, B. Lundell: Planning and Implementing your Final Year Project - with Success! A Guide for Students in Computer Science and Information Systems, Springer 2002.

Erasmus: A Great Opportunity!

Erasmus and studying abroad provides a unique opportunity to experience a different environment while studying. It is an excellent opportunity and experience, which will enhance your academic and personal development, as well as your job opportunities.

"Studies confirmed that participating in ERASMUS can be a key asset when it comes to finding a job. A study period abroad is seen as valuable experience by today’s employers in an increasingly interlinked world, since it improves communication and cooperation skills and the understanding of other cultures."

If you are interested in studying abroad (Erasmus) following information might be of interest:
  • Important: You need to inform the Erasmus Co-ordinator and the international office as soon as possible, about planing to apply for the exchange programme.
  • For Master Students: If you are interested in this opportunity, please discuss with the potential supervisor / practicum co-ordinator as soon as possible and let the Erasmus Co-Ordinator know.
  • For a list of our current student exchange agreements please visit following web page under the category "School of Computing" and "Business Informatics"
  • DCU's international office can provide advise on regulations, formal requirements, deadlines and funding available. The international office web page: