CA4006 Concurrent & Distributed Programming

Resit Continuous Assessment 2016/17

Problem Specification:

The local Tennis Club's committee has several IT literate members and they believe that a remote court booking system would be a great idea. Members could book courts from at home or at work. You have been hired to develop such a system. The committee insist that it is developed using webservices. The remote application connects to a server that keeps all the booking information. The Tennis Club has 10 courts (2 grass courts, 4 championship artificial courts and 4 tarmac courts) which are booked at hourly intervals between 10am and 8pm. With SOAP Web Services (using JAX-WS) you should develop a client-server application implementing a tennis court booking system with the following specification:  

The server should provide the following functionality to a client (both client and server to be developed):

Instructions & Deadline: 

  1. This is an individual assignment.
  2. Please write a short (4 page max) design documentation which may get you some partial credit if I cannot get your program to execute as it should. 
  3. I don't mind what (if any) IDE you use to develop your RMI code but program must be compilable by me using javac and runnable at the command line of my Windows machine.  You have to submit all your source files and documentation as well as any peculiarities there may be with compiling or running it.
  4. Please Mail the above to me with a completed plagiarism declaration form which is signed by both of you by the last day of semester 5pm, Friday 18th August 2017.

Good luck!