School of Computing, Dublin City University, Ireland


First Quarter Seminar (2014): "Biocomputation: Modelling and Informatics"
Date Time Venue Speaker Topic
14-Nov-20132:00pmL221Irina RoznovăţMehylation Inhibitors and Carcinogens in an Agent-based Model for Colon Crypt Dynamics during Cancer Development
14-Nov-20132:30pmL221Ann McCartneyThe Structure of Primate Genome Evolution Revealed through Network Analyse
14-Nov-20133:00pmL221Dr. Markus HelfertBig Data and Relationship Analytics- Research Opportunities from a Business Informatics Perspective

Second Quarter Seminar (2014): "Bioinformatics & Biomedicine"
Date Time Venue Speaker Topic
12-Febr-20142:00pmC123Dr. Huiru (Jane) Zheng, University of Ulster, UKNetwork-based Systems Biology
12-Febr-20142:45pmC123Dr. Graham Healy, INSIGHT, Dublin City UniversityUtilising EEG in Visual-search Tasks
12-Febr-20143:15pmC123Irina RoznovăţA Theoretical Cross-Comparative Analysis on DNA Methylation Variation in Small Intestine and Colon Crypts during Cancer Initiation

Third Quarter Seminar (2014): "Complex Systems & Data Analytics"
Date Time Venue Speaker Topic
29-May-20142:20pmQ205Na LiData Analytics for Large Personal Lifelogs
29-May-20143:00pmQ205Dr. John Burns, ITT DublinA GPU Implementation of Brande's Betweeness Algorithm

Fourth Quarter Seminar (2014): "Workshop scoping /materials prepared and calls/editorial responses to submissions for BIBM2014"
Organizers Workshop
I. Roznovăţ, H.J. Ruskin with external collaboratorsWorkshop 2: Empowering Systems Medicine through optimal design of Experimentation and Computational Modelling (ESM) (incorporating Computational Modelling & Bioinformatics in Epigenetics)
Na Li, H.J. Ruskin with external collaboratorsWorkshop 8:The Role of Quantified self for Personal Healthcare (QSPH)

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