School of Computing, Dublin City University, Ireland


First Quarter Seminar (2012)
Date Time Venue Speaker Topic
08-Febr-20122:00pmL221Dr. Dimitri Perrin"Aberrant, infection-induced, DNA methylation in gastric crypts"
08-Febr-20122:35pmL221Karthika Raghavan"Epigenetic Modelling - An Overview"
08-Febr-20122:55pmL221Irina Roznovăţ"Bayesian Network for Genetic and Epigenetic Signals in Colon Cancer"
08-Febr-20123:15pmL221Kabita Shakya"Colon Cancer Research : Phylogenetic and Data Mining Perspective"
08-Febr-20123:35pmL221Yogesh Sankar"Enhancement of Statepigen"

Second Quarter Seminar (2012)
Date Time Venue Speaker Topic
12-April-20122:15pmL221Mr. Ray Walshe"Provisional: Up in the Clouds/Down on the Chip"
12-April-20122:40pmL221Dr. John Burns, Institute of Technology Tallaght Dublin, Ireland"Open MP Extensions to C/C++ - granularity, threading"
12-April-20123:05pmL221Marija Bezbradica"Parallelisation of DDS : issues and choices"
12-April-20123:30pmL221Jelena Vasić"Parallelisation of heterogeneous traffic: Issues and choices"

Third Quarter Seminar (2012)
Date Time Venue Speaker Topic
29-June-20123:30pmLG01   Modsci group      Modsci updates

Fourth Quarter Seminar (2012)
Date Time Venue Speaker Topic
9-October-201212:40pmL221Dr. A. Crean, University College Cork, Ireland"Importance of Dissolution to Pharmaceutics Research"
9-October-20121:20pmL221Dr. Walid Faisil, University College Cork, Ireland"Current Collaborative Project: To investigate Type IV dissolution apparatus setup on drug release from matrix controlled release tablets?"
9-October-20121:50pmL221Dr. N. McMahon, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland"Mathematical Modelling for Drug Dissolution"
9-October-20122:20pmL221Marija Bezbradica"Stochastic Computational Models of Complex DDS"

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