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Research:    Social Systems // Environmental and Transport // Financial and Socioeconomic Modelling // Assisted Living // Biocomputation // Data Science


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Events / Conference Inputs

  • QSPH'14: The Role of Quantified Self for Personal Healthcare Workshop, in conjunction with BIBM 2014, to be held in Belfast, UK 2nd - 5th November 2014. Organising Committee: N. Li, F. Hopfgartner, T. Plumbaum and H.J. Ruskin.
  • Empowering Systems Medicine Through Optimal Computational Modelling Workshop, in conjunction with BIBM 2014, to be held in Belfast, UK 2nd - 5th November 2014. Organising Committee: I. Roznovat.
  • CIF 2014: The 4th IEEE International Workshop on Complex Information Flows, as part of The 38th Annual IEEE International Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2014), to be held in Vasteras, Sweden 21st - 25th July 2014. Organising Committee: D. Perrin and R. Walshe, Program Committee: A. Barat, J. Burns, M. Crane and H. J. Ruskin.
  • BIBM 2014 to be held in Belfast, UK, Nov. 2nd - 5th 2014 - Co-Chair (Workshops): H. J. Ruskin.
  • Data - International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications (2012,2013,2014)- Conference Co-Chair: M. Helfert.
  • SmartGreens - International Conference on Smart Grids and Green IT Systems (2013, 2014)- Conference Co-Chair: M. Helfert.
  • Closer - International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (2013,2014) - Conference Chair: M. Helfert.
  • European Design Science Symposium as part of the Intel Ireland Research Conference 2011, 2012, 2013 - Organising Committee: M. Helfert.
  • EMS 2013 held in Manchester, UK, Nov. 20th - 22nd 2013 - Session Co-Chair: I. Roznovăţ.
  • DS-RT 2012 held in Dublin, Ireland, Oct. 25th - 27th 2012 - Publicity Chair: R. Walshe, Program Committee: H.J. Ruskin, R. Walshe, D. Perrin, K. Raghavan.
  • AICS2012 / JIWIN Workshop - organised by EIURA/ CloudCore/ Sci-Sym/ W2M, - Organising Committee: R. Walshe, D. Perrin, J. Kernan, Programme Committee: M. Bezbradica.
  • EIURA Cloud Computing Forum - September 2011- Organising Committee: M. Helfert, R. Walshe.
  • BioInformatics Inform 2005 - One day Workshop and Symposium, held at DCU (Dublin, Ireland) - Chair: R. Walshe, Organising Committee: J. Kernan, H.J. Ruskin.
  • Workshop on HPC for Irish Association (IAHPC) organised in DCU Nov. 2003 - Chair and P.O.: M. Crane.
  • In addition to major organisation roles, ModSci, Sci-Sym and CloudCore members regularly serve on Programme, Scientific and (even) Entertainment Committees for international conferences in their research areas.


    Event organisation/ engagement has been a feature of the RG efforts over a period of years. Early examples include the Integrating ICT in teaching and CTI conferences held in Dublin, organised by School of Computing staff including ModSci members in the 90s, (Chair & P.O. Dr. Micheal O'hEigeartaigh), SCE96 - first Scientific Computing conference in Ireland, (Chair & P.O. Dr. Heather Ruskin), and the Socrates-Comenius Conference CTC Link'97 - supported by Irish Tech Corps and Centre for Teaching Computing members in the School, (M. Ryan, M.O'hEigeartaigh and H.J. Ruskin).




      IRC (formerly IRCSET) PhD SCHOLARSHIP:
      • K. Carey IRC/EPS PhD Scholarship
      • P.Petkov IRC PhD Scholarship(2011/12)
      • M. Meyer IRC/EPS PhD Scholarship
      • I. Roznovăţ - through EC/IRC(SET) ERA-Net (2011 - 2013) + final year IRC scholarship award (2013 - 2014)
      • M. Bezbradica - IRCSET /EPS PhD scholarship, (2009/10)
      • J. Vasic - IRCSET PhD Scholarship (2009/10)
      • A. Sîrbu - IRCSET PhD scholarship (2008/9)

      Early Days: Previous ModSci students successful in IRCSET postgraduate scholarship schemes include
      • E. Ogurtsova (2008/9) - not taken up
      • E. McGuinness (2005/6)
      • D. Perrin (2005/6)
      • J. Daly (2005/6)
      • A. Callaghan (2004/5)
      • T. Coogan (2004/5).

      • Dr. D. Perrin (2010/11)
      • Dr. A. Barat (2009/10) and previous IRCSET PD award (2006/7)
      • Dr. Y. Feng PD award-not taken up (2006/7)

      • Dr. J. Murphy (2011); currently ELEVATE Fellow with IBR, France/NUIG


      2011 - O'Hare Scholar - Kabita Shakya

      The achievement of Daniel O'Hare Research Scholarship winners from 2010 & 2011 was celebrated in a ceremony, hosted by the Dean of Graduate Studies, Prof. Lisa Looney, Wednesday, 4th April. Supervisors, Heads of School, Deans and approximately 60 guests/ DCU staff attended the ceremony.

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