This is the homepage for the Beowulf Linux Cluster at the School of Computing, DCU.

The cluster is made of 24 old lab machines (Dell PPro 180Mhz), connected over standard 10/100mb ethernet & a cisco switch - it's own network.

It is used (mostly) for learning about parallel programming and cluster computing, and is open for anyone in the school to use - students, postgrads or staff. Either to do a class project, process lots of data, run simulations, or simply to learn - this is supercomputing "for you".

Simply send an email to kpodesta(at)computing(dot)dcu(dot)ie to get an account. (You have to be a DCU staff or student! Send your student number or class if you can).


   Parallel Video Analysis
(CA4, 2002)
Parallelising shot/scene detection in Fischlar video.

   Parallel port of the Quantum Computing Language
(CA4, 2003)
To speed up quantum computing (QCL) computations.

SOME LINKS, the historical home of beowulf clusters
An introduction to distributed computing (related to cluster computing)
Modelling & Scientific Computing / School of Computing / Dublin City University (DCU)

This cluster was built voluntarily by Redbrick, the DCU Networking Society, for the School of Computing in the summer of 2001. Research work on this cluster is funded by the National Institute of Cellular Biotechnology (NICB), and is maintained by the NICB biocomputation sub-group in Modelling & Scientific Computing, School of Computing.